Angela Strealy

UX/UI Designer • Web Developer • Art Director • Marketing Specialist

With 10+ years of diverse design experience in UX/UI for web and mobile, SaaS product development, project management, and successful marketing campaigns, I offer versatile expertise in creating intuitive interfaces, leading initiatives, and delivering engaging user experiences.

Featured Projects

FreeConference Mobile UX Design

FreeConference Mobile UX Research

I immersed myself in comprehensive qualitative and quantitative user research, crafting user personas, empathy maps, journey maps, user flow models, and low-fidelity wireframes for FreeConference Mobile.

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InstantConference Home Page

InstantConference UI Design

I led the design team creating a new conferencing brand with a paid, subscription-based, format. This was our first paid product with a robust logged in My Account section.

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Custom Designs by Angie Party Invitations

Custom Party Invitations

A passion project of mine over the past few years has been my design business. My specialty lies in crafting personalized printed designs that add a unique touch to parties and celebrations.

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Work Experience

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Business Owner/ Graphic Designer

Custom Designs by Angie

August 2013 - Present

To keep up with the latest design trends while raising my three wonderful children, I established my own design business. This allowed me to maintain a creative and professional outlet while continuously honing my skills and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Key contributions:

  • Worked closely with clients to conceptualize projects and ascertain client needs
  • Created customizable designs for special events
  • Design of logos, social media campaigns, and print promotional materials
  • Design and development of websites using Visual Studio and CMS platforms
  • Content creation, project management, and development of all projects

Art Director

Global Conference Partners

July 2012 - July 2013

As Art Director I was dedicated to creating exceptional user experiences, guiding our creative team, and infusing brand consistency across platforms, all while embracing the joy of bringing design to life.

Key contributions:

  • UI and UX design of FreeConference Mobile 2.0
  • Led the creative team in finding solutions to product issues by conducting user research and A/B testing
  • Created user personas, user empathy maps, user journey maps, and user flows for new and existing products
  • Project owner of product life cycle from concept planning, wireframes, and prototypes to user testing and handing off assets to development
  • Implemented design systems to ensure the continuity of brand images, colors, styles, and messaging across multiple platforms¬†
  • Owned projects in JIRA and ensured sprints were completed
  • Conducted in house QA testing of mobile apps and coordinated directly with development team on bug fixes
  • Created content, designed, and launched marketing campaigns for new products
  • Trained freelance employees and managed graphic design internship program

Graphic Designer

Global Conference Partners

September 2007 - July 2012

As Graphic Designer I was driving impactful user experiences and elevating brand presence through stunning website design and intuitive mobile app interfaces. My crown jewel was the implementation of a thriving graphic design internship program.

Key contributions:

  • UI and UX design of company websites
  • UI and UX design of FreeConference and InstantConference mobile apps
  • Created user flows, wireframes, and prototypes for new projects
  • Responsible for finalizing designs and preparing files for the development team
  • Assured visual accuracy, as well as functionality, by conducting QA testing for mobile apps, new products, and new websites
  • User experience of SaaS products such as Moderator Controls, Administrator Tools, and Personalized Greetings
  • Content creation and design of technical product user guides
  • Artwork, copywriting, and HTML for marketing email campaigns, monthly newsletters, and campaign landing pages
  • Implementation of new graphic design internship program


Pepperdine University - Malibu, CA

Bachelor of Arts, 2001-2004

Advertising and Graphic Design

Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee, WI

Architectural Engineering, 1997-1999