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Skills: HTML/CSS/JS, HootSuite, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Content Creation, and Copywriting

Personalized Greetings New Product Email

Email Marketing Campaigns

I generated effective marketing emails, and monthly branded newsletters, that included promotional messages, updates, and other engaging/relevant content. I designed this email as part of our marketing campaign to promote our highly anticipated personalized greetings service.

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Social Media post for FreeConference Mobile

Social Media Campaigns

I generated brand awareness and enhannced customer loyalty by designing engaging posts, with fun visuals, and compelling captions. The idea is to spark a meaningful interactions with our target audience! This post was an exciting announcement that our app was ranked #3 in Apples free business apps.

HootSuite Calendar


I utilized Hootsuite to simplify social media campaign management. Its a wonderful tool that allows you to efficiently schedule and automate content across multiple social platforms.

FreeConference Mobile on iTunes

Mobile App Management

As the manager of the download pages on the App Store and Google Play, I handled graphic creation, wrote compelling descriptions, and maintained regular updates for the apps. Additionally, I analyzed customer support tickets and actively engaged with users to enhance user satisfaction. View here.

Product User Guides

I created meticulously documented step-by-step user guides for each of our products. I used clear diagrams and comprehensive explanations to help users effectively navigate and utilize each product's features and functionalities.

Mobile App Quick Guides

Printed Sales Materials

I designed promotional flyers for our sales team to utilize at trade shows nationwide. It was important to design eye-catching layouts that effectively showcase the key product features for potential customers and industry professionals to take with them.

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Global Conference Sales Flyers

Trade Show Booth Design

I carefully planned the booth design to create an impactful and memorable presence at trade shows that effectively showcased our brand, products, and services.

I also worked with our visuals team to create a presentation reel that was playing on a loop to enhance engagement and provide additional information about our brand and features.

Trade Show Booth Design

Promotional Event Flyers

When designing promotional flyers for an event, it's important to showcase event specific visuals, provide essential event details, and convey the excitement and unique experiences attendees can expect. This will help to generate anticipation and drive maximum attendance.

Promotional Event Flyers

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a small space, but that doesn't mean they have to be small on value! I believe it's crucial to design visually captivating graphics and write concise, compelling copy that effectively communicates our brand's message with a clear action.

Grouping of banner ads

Customizable Designs

From cute invitations that set the tone for the event to charming thank you cards that express gratitude, I offer a wide range of customizable options.

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Grouping of birthday party invitations