UX Design Projects

Skills: Figma, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, Content Creation, Product Strategy, and User Research

FreeConference Mobile

Conducting comprehensive user research for FreeConference Mobile was very important becuase this was the first app of its kind. To ensure a thorough understanding of the users' requirements and challenges, I conducted user interviews and meticulously crafted user personas, empathy maps, and journey maps. Collaborating with stakeholders, I presented my findings and worked closely with the product team to develop user flow models, low-fidelity wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes.

FreeConference Mobile Home Screen

User Personas

Mobile Persona 1


Mobile Persona 2

User Journey Maps

Mobile Journey Map 1


Mobile Journey Map 2

User Flows

Mobile User Flow 1


Mobile User Flow 2

Empathy Maps

Mobile Empathy Map

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Mobile Wireframes

iPhone High-Fidelity Prototype Screens

iPhone Prototype Screens

Android High-Fidelity Prototype Screens

Android Prototype Screens

Personalized Greetings FreeConference Sign-Up

The objective of this project was to create a clean, easy-to-follow, user experience to sign up for Personalized Greetings through the standard sign-up process or in the My Account section for a current user. We found that an upsell was also needed within the scheduling wizard to promote the product while the user was scheduling a conference. This simple addition increased user adoption by 25%.

Personalized Greetings Sign-up User Flow
Personalized Greetings Logged-in User Flow
Personalized Greetings Paid User Flow
Personalized Greetings Free User Flow

Personalized Greetings InstantConference Sign-Up

In this project, I was tasked with mapping out how the sign-up process would differ for a new user and a current paid user. As well as if there was a way to promote the product before, during, or after a conference. We found that 20% of users added Personalized Greetings to their next conference after receiving an upsell in their conference details email and seeing the upsell in their My Account section.

User Flow Model
Logged-out User Flow
Logged-in User Flow

Outlook Add-in Product for FreeConference

I designed the visual representation and user experience of the FreeConference plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, simplifying the process for our customers who were already using Outlook for scheduling appointments, and its success led us to create plug-ins for GlobalConference and InstantConference as well.

Balsamiq Wireframe

Outlook Product Wireframe

Final Design

Outlook Product Final Design

Administrator Controls Product on GlobalConference

I was assigned the responsibility of designing a service that empowered business account admins to efficiently manage their account details, including tasks such as department creation, transaction viewing, and accessing call history categorized by department or individual.

Balsamiq Wireframe

Admin Controls Product Wireframe

Final Design

Admin Controls Final Design

Moderator Controls Product on GlobalConference

Our primary objective for Moderator Controls was to develop a user-friendly platform that enables conference participants to easily manage various aspects of the call. Through thorough user research, we identified key features such as participant muting, pinging, and removal. Our challenge was to design a streamlined service that seamlessly incorporates these functionalities, allowing for quick and efficient use during live calls.

Balsamiq Wireframe

Moderator Controls Product Wireframe

Final Design

Moderator Controls Product Final Design